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Seth Kelley lit a candle on 01/26/2017: "I remember playing little league baseball against Isaiah way back. He was such an awesome guy. Still cant believe it"
Kayla Aliff lit a candle on 09/19/2016: "<3"
Evelyn Spears lit a candle on 01/24/2014: "I love you and miss you Isaiah! Won't stop until those who murdered you are brought to justice!"
John lit a candle on 01/14/2014: "Did not know you but this story is haunting. Something is missing. I hope justice is served in Karma."
Kelly Clark lit a candle on 08/11/2013: "My sympathy goes to the family of Isaiah. I am very sorry for your loss. He was loved by many!"
Mom lit a candle on 06/19/2013: "Well, Another year gone by. I hope the people that did that to my son gets the same in return! Isaiah,s mom"
Mom lit a candle on 06/19/2013: "It,s good to know that so many people still remembers and misses Isaiah. I miss you so much son. Love mom"
Gor lit a candle on 05/02/2012: "...miss you shall be avenged...happy birthday!!!!!"
Gor lit a candle on 05/02/2012: "...miss you brother...happy shall be avenged..."
Darrin Duddng lit a candle on 12/01/2011: "Amy, It's Darrin Dudding from MySpace and do hope that you are well and he's looking down proud! D1!"
Eric Mccomas lit a candle on 11/19/2011: "Miss you brother....every fucking day that passes you are missed by all of us. See ya on the other side bro."
Tonya Cordial lit a candle on 11/17/2011: "I love you and I miss you. I will never forget u! I just pray justice will prevail and u will finally rest!"
Rusty Bostic lit a candle on 02/17/2011: "I miss you & i miss the good times we had & could have had. I still think about you often, you were a good friend to me."
Josh Richards lit a candle on 01/03/2011: "you will always be rembered n will live forever! u was a tru friend n will be missed! Luv ya buddy"
Valerie Moore lit a candle on 12/07/2010: "may you one day rest in peace."
Mom lit a candle on 11/28/2010: "Another holiday season without my son, my baby. I love you Isaiah."
Jamie Martin lit a candle on 11/16/2010: "Justice will be served. You were my baby sisters friend and I remember you well. Rest in peace Isaiah"
Christy lit a candle on 11/16/2010: ""Girl, You Better Smile!" Quoted by the Beautifully Kind Isaiah. I've Never Forgotten, Thank You."
Jessica Young lit a candle on 11/15/2010: "We all miss you and love you... You were a free spirt who will live eternially in our lives..."
Bethany lit a candle on 11/15/2010: "Your peaceful soul & carefree spirit has uniquely touched us all..we're fighting for you! miss & love you buddy.."
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