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Chandal Roberts lit a candle on 11/15/2010: "so many memories from so long ago. i think about you alot!you'll be forever young"
Nathan BArnett lit a candle on 11/01/2010: "I dont know ya but it sux about what happened.....nobody deserves that"
Amy lit a candle on 07/18/2010: "woke up smelling Patchouli and instantly knew it was goin to b a good day love you!!"
Heather Hunter lit a candle on 06/11/2010: "Isaiah it's coming together. i know you guided her over the years and helped her heal and now she's thanking you."
Tammy Brubaker lit a candle on 06/11/2010: "May Justice serve you...God Bless you Isaiah"
Amy lit a candle on 06/10/2010: "baby its all gonna be over soon .... i have a feeling ... and its what i said yrs ago .... i love you!!!! god i miss u"
Amy A. lit a candle on 06/07/2010: "i love u so much .. not a day goes by i dont wake up to thoughts of you ..."
Julia lit a candle on 05/17/2010: "Isaiah, I didn't get to meet you but I know so much about you. you r greatly missed by all who met u rip"
April Butler lit a candle on 04/08/2010: "I wish I could have met you and that you could have met your neices, Ishaiah, Wyllow, and Lilith. Eternially loving u."
Amy Akers lit a candle on 03/07/2010: "i love you isaiah , talked to ur brother friday night . i know ur behind all this happiness in my life now! u r my angel"
Carri Sturgeon Dillistone lit a candle on 02/16/2010: "Miss you, buddy."
Lisa &. Gor lit a candle on 11/18/2009: "Always in the hearts of the ones that loved you..."
W.D. HALE lit a candle on 09/28/2009: "the kin will do as the good book has taught"
Melissa Wilson lit a candle on 09/14/2009: "My heart cries out to all of you for the sudden horrible death of your Isaiah. May GOD fill the gap and give you peace"
Tracy Inman-VA lit a candle on 06/01/2009: "I hope someone finally steps forward with answers to help his family, and his love find peace. god bless you all."
Jureiga Kitamura lit a candle on 05/08/2009: "I am sorry. I feel the sorrow you feel when I read your poem. I hope you find the bastards who did this."
Devin Allred lit a candle on 02/27/2009: "Isaiah-still hoping and praying for justice in your case. Didn't know you -but always think of you,family,friends!"
Eric McComas lit a candle on 02/27/2009: "Another year has been given to us. That year sucked balls without you being in it. Justice will prevail! Love...."
SHAY MOLIQUE lit a candle on 02/27/2009: "You are missed and thought of daily! RIP Isaiah!"
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