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praying for justice.  / Tracy Inman   Read >>
praying for justice.  / Tracy Inman
i found this page a few years ago. i had never heard 3 little bird before. i loved it.

now it plays every where, and i think of you every time.

you touched a lot of peoples hearts, even mine. i am a complete stranger, yet i often wonder about you, and if there have been any new leads in your case. i can just tell by the stories friends leave on here, and the pictures they share you were a kind soul. and someone i could have really gotten along with. i pray they find some peace and closure one day, and that the monster[s] who did this to you, and them pays dearly. sweet sleep isaiah.

prayers up from va.

cause every little thing, is gunna be alright. Close
So long.  / Carri Sturgeon Dillistone (Friend)  Read >>
So long.  / Carri Sturgeon Dillistone (Friend)

I can't believe how the years have flown by. Our lives have changed dramatically. I barely speak to anyone that knew you but that doesn't matter much now. I wonder how it would be if you were still here. I wonder if you would have traveled with us all over this goddamn country gone to the gatherings slept on the beaches and in the cars. I bet you would have. You would have loved that.

We went to Ozzfest 97. We were such kids then. You were not an Ozzfest kinda guy- at least I didn't think so. But it was fun. The road trip all the crazy pissed off people that set shit on fire because Ozzy never came out to play. Haha. How random was that? That you and I would end up there?

And then about a year or so later I remember you bringing that giant jug of OJ to my house and we all stared at the walls for awhile. Sure we did crazy and irresponsible things but that is what kids are supposed to do when they are teenagers. Nobody ever should have been hurt. When did things get so serious? I must have missed that part- either out of the loop or it was more random than I was later told...

Those days are long past though.

I was just searching my own name for things I had written online and this popped up. Reading how much everyone misses you is amazing and devastating at the same time.

I have a little boy now. Today is my husband's birthday. His oldest son has the middle name Isaiah.

My uncle died today. He wasn't a very good person...yet I find my way by accident back to this website that Amy has devoted to you- a memorial site. I miss you way more than I will ever miss my uncle.

It changed our lives forever when you were taken. It was so raw and unreal. You were so kind and gentle and sincere. I still don't understand why you are gone.

I hope I see you again one day Isa.



Shock / Carri Sturgeon (friend)  Read >>
Shock / Carri Sturgeon (friend)
It was late on a weekend night when my world tremendously shifted for the first time in my life. I was working at Taco Bell; I was trying to finish my cleaning tasks so I could go home when I looked up to see my best friend walk into the restaurant. She was followed by two others. Why did they all look so gloomy, I pondered as they approached? They moved like zombies: slow, confused and without purpose. 

The three of them roamed to the counter, and my best friend mumbled, “They found Isaiah’s body in the woods; he’s dead.” I listened to the fizz of the soda machine which was followed by the eminent buzz that signaled it had done its job and could now relax. Then, I looked behind me. I had some on-the-job friends that may need to inhale this information as well. We had all gone to school together. Actually, most of them were still in school. And as I pictured the slumping teenagers shuffling through the hallways, remembering their classmate, I was sickened by the smell of cooking beef. 

He was only 17. He had no known enemies. This kind of thing does not happen here, not where I live. I was swimming in disbelief, ready to challenge my best friends’ suffering. I wanted to call them on their bluff. Unfortunately, I could see by the lack of expression on anybody’s face, that this was no joke. 

My normally ill-tempered manager retreated and allowed me to escape to a table with my three friends. Nobody said anything. Finally, I asked the question, “What happened”? While my best friend told me the gruesome details, I focused on my hands which were clasped together to hide the shaking. Sweat dripped from my brow, trickled down my placid cheek and landed on my bottom lip. I am certain it was perspiration and not a tear because my eyes didn’t rain that night; they had been rerouted by the umbrella that was my disbelief. 

My jaw drooped as I attempted to get a handle on the word: Murder. Someone had murdered him? This boy who was so cheerful, so funny, could not have possibly been intentionally killed by another person. I found it absurd. I shifted so the pressure on my ribcage could release and allowed myself to breathe again. 

Why? I didn’t know how to answer my own question, and neither did anybody else, so we continued to sit there, staring blankly at one another. I tasted emptiness in my mouth. 

The scene was surreal. My heart was bulging out of my chest, and I thought I might suffocate. We hadn’t only lost a great person. There was the matter of the wrongfulness of his death that trapped us in our own thoughts. I understood, finally, that I was not going to live forever. Death would come eventually. I didn’t want to swallow this; I didn’t want to accept my friend’s death, my loss of innocence, or my own mortality. 

I had that feeling in the pit of my belly. The one that makes everything in your line of vision look faded. It’s similar to that initial glance when one removes the eyeglasses. Squint. Rub the eyes. Cock the head to the side and look again. Take a step back. Breathe. Go on with your life like you aren’t discombobulated. Attend a funeral. Watch children (teenagers) and mothers and brothers cry. See pall bearers collapse because they are overtaken with sadness. Listen to the mother of the dead plead with hippie-wanna-be girls to not smoke pot at her son’s funeral. 

Not one of them will ever be the same because this doesn’t happen in our town. Squint. Breathe. Rub the eyes. Move on.

i just want you to know isaiah...and family  / Zakk Spears (first cousin to isaiah )  Read >>
i just want you to know isaiah...and family  / Zakk Spears (first cousin to isaiah )
that even though our families weren't as close as they should have been, and even though i rarely got to see you growing up and hang out with you... i still think about what happened to you often and it hurts me deeply to. the facts of your murder were kept from me for a long time but every now and then i run into someone who knew you well and i see and hear about how much they cared for you and how special a person you were(are). it makes me feel good to know there are so many of them out there that cared so deeply for you and though so highly of you. i wish i could get in touch with your father(my uncle donnie)...i haven't seen or heard from him for years, and your mother. i would like to see sarah and matthew.... i wish we all could have been close like families are supposed to... i wish alot of things were different. i just want you to know, wherever you are, that i named my son Logan Isaiah, after you in your memory, and you are always in my heart no matter what. we were blood, and i hope that one day that justice is brought to whoever abruptly ended your short stay here on this place with us. i love all of you guys, even though i havent seen any of you for years, i want you to know that i'm still out there and i haven't forgotten any of you. 

love and peace always,

zakk Close
Another year has passed  / Edonna Akers (Mother of soal mate )  Read >>
Another year has passed  / Edonna Akers (Mother of soal mate )
Another year has passed and Amy becomes stronger all the time. She nor any of us have forgotten you nor has the fight stopped to find what sick person's did this.
See God knows and he will have his way.

You would be so proud of Amy now..She and Ashton have moved on from thier past and thier best foot is forward now. She is strong and hold her head high again. She understand the pain of her loss of you and how the channel it correctly.

God Bless rest in PEACE.
Lucky... / Jeremy Brooks (old friend of Amy's )  Read >>
Lucky... / Jeremy Brooks (old friend of Amy's )

Isaiah, I never knew you but I was once friends with Amy. She always talked about you and Ive never seen a soulmate more dedicated to someone in spirit. I was only looking for Amy but I stumbled across this and thought it was really sweet. Youre lucky Isaiah, but only because you must of been a great guy.

celebrating ...  / Amy (he already knows )  Read >>
celebrating ...  / Amy (he already knows )
celebrating yet another birthday without u here ... but no worries ... i will be thinking bout u ... Courtney will b here this year so it will b better than ever ... kinda like having us all back together again ! well just wanted to stop by and let this out on your page .. i know u are watching over me and were here today .... i didnt put my oil on today just to see if i would smell YOU ... and sure enough .... stronglyy.. thank you I LOVE YOU !! and miss u ... but hey keep guiding me .. u are forever in my dreams !! Close
a birthday poem for isaiah  / Amy   Read >>
a birthday poem for isaiah  / Amy

Birthdays do not end with death,
But last as long as love,
A maelstrom of memories
That grace and honor move.
And so we celebrate your day
By visiting your grave,
A place that you have left long since,
But is all that we have.

Dear spirit, come and join us here,
Your loved ones by your stone!
Come sweep across the barrier
To claim us as your own!

Happy birthday, dearest one!
Oh, happy, happy day!
Not even the most bitter night
Can take this joy away!

I miss you on your birthday,
Not only for your smile,
But for the piece of me that's gone,
Left within your care.
I'm in an empty hallway
And have been for awhile,
Gazing inwardly towards home,
Neither here nor there.

How quickly we've turned distant!
The months pass by like years.
How could friends so inseparable
So soon seem so apart!

How imprecise the instant
Held hostage by my tears!
Though Time may seem insatiable,
I have you in my heart


ur birthday is coming :)  / Amy (more than u know )  Read >>
ur birthday is coming :)  / Amy (more than u know )
Your birthday is coming soon... Tuesday May 2nd.... ! wow can't believe it ... doesnt seem that long ago .... that or i like to live in the past ... and i do .. b/c u were there ... but as u know my birthday follows urs and i promise to have the BIGGEST birthday blowout here for me and you ... and i hope u will show up in pics as u did the other ones ...but besides that ... i know u are here daily with me .. i smell ya more so than anything .. i know our love was true not anything like either had experienced ,it wasnt about all this relationship drAMA with us ... u were truely my Soul Mate ..and i miss having that love in my life but i have been blessed with a wonderful son that kisses me on my forehead like u did and loves me just as much as u did ....  he keeps me sane ... that and my family keeping me positive ... i spoke with ur mom this weekend .... i was worried bout her i hadnt talked to her but i got to talk to my wonderful frend she is stayin busyyyy so she can go enjoy herself in Jamiaca !! i was invited but cant make it this time but i PROMISE you yet one more thing ... next time she invites me i will DEF. go!!! well isaiah i know this week is gonna b hard on me so i am prepping myself ... i am takin ashton tuesday... your birthday to get his 2 yr pics done .... please watch over him and me as u always do and pleaseeeee don't worry bout me ... i am gonna b fine ... i am starting to believe this all happened to me for a reason and that was to have someone  i loveddddd/ LOVE sooo much taken from me so i can turn it into a Positive thing for myself,and i plan to do that ... as soon as ash starts school i will b attending college to start helpin ppl who have been where i have been and hurt like i hurt .... but i want to work with young kids .... thats where it starts ..... and i will b there to help these ppl heal .. i dont think anyone deserves to live this hell for 7 + yrs ... all b/c i didnt know how to handle it or better yet i didnt know how to " live w/o you"!!!! heard this new song by this band called  Flyleaf... the songs name is "Amy Says" and i swearrrr it fits me to a T!!! lol well gotta run  we are off to the park ... talk to you later ... i love you ... and things are moving forward with the case .... i will keep positive as i hope everyone else is doing !! i think they will all b very happy with me when this is all over...... Close
OH YES...This is the year  / Edonna Akers (Mother of soal mate )  Read >>
OH YES...This is the year  / Edonna Akers (Mother of soal mate )

Time only brings more issues to light..

This is the year ......
Gods light will be truned brightly on those's who did this to you.

God shine your light.....:)

The Akers Family

And then there was light.  / The Truth (Amy's friend )  Read >>
And then there was light.  / The Truth (Amy's friend )
For everything done in the dark will soon be brought into the light. You may think that you were not seen. You kept running away from the truth but your lungs can no longer stand the pain of your running. No drug on this earth will ever take away the pain you will suffer in this lifetime. It's not going away no time soon. You will keep trying to hide and the guilt will eat your soul like cancer. The Angels have been alerted to guide the God gifted ones, and the pain others had suffered for you. Now it is your turn, the suffering is now your in return and so shall it be. Close
thinkin about u  / Evelyn Clay (classmate)  Read >>
thinkin about u  / Evelyn Clay (classmate)

isaiah for some odd reason i cant sleep its been so long since youve been gone and i never thought about it maybe it was because i didnt want to cause its so horrible i mean two good loveable guys from symmes valley district are murdered and they havent the slightest clue what happened i can picture u in english with miss.leach talking in class laughing and that smile on youre face i can still see if everybody wants my opinion i think that whoever killed isaiah killed david bowling too.its terrible isaiah was a great person we wasnt friends and now i wish we was maybe then i wouldve known what he was doing that day and his killer would be behind bars since his friends from school doesnt know anything or at least they say they dont im sorry one of them at least had to know kinda makes u wonder if maybe they had something to do with it

Time never heals  / David (Tweedle) Hesson (Friend)  Read >>
Time never heals  / David (Tweedle) Hesson (Friend)
It but lessens the pain, i thought i had gotten my grieving out over the loss of someone like you but then GOD (or whoever) comes and takes away my father as well, and it makes me start to think how it must feel to have no justice, that your soul must be tormented by looking down on us and seeing us want to go on, but no matter how far we pull we just can't let it go very far, for we still need the answers, to see someone pay. I knew my father was going and it didn't lessen the pain, and for your family i send my love, strength, and sorrow; for they never had the chance to say goodbye

a poem i wrote ..... enjoy  / Amy (he knows ... )  Read >>
a poem i wrote ..... enjoy  / Amy (he knows ... )

not sure how this will turn out or even if it will , but here i go and i'm hoping someone out there can tell me how to heal ......

7 years this month you've been gone , and i've been here waiting all along , hoping this Hell i've lived is a dream, but only waking up to hear my silent screams .

 you were too young to die , and be taken the way you were , your soul was still so unbelieveably pure . from the smile on your face to the holes in your ears, i could say i love you, over and over again over the years .

the love we shared was nothing of the sorts for u didnt have to sleep with me to show your buddies you scored points , you werent that kind nor was i but we held each others heart and nothing was goin to  tear us apart ...

now i look to my side and all i can ask for now is WHY?


**RIP- Isaiah Hale 1981-1999**

just thinking bout ya ....  / Amy (he already knows )  Read >>
just thinking bout ya ....  / Amy (he already knows )
hey babe ,
 just thinking bout u , as always.. but as u know this month is hardest on me , coming to terms with ur death isnt a easy thing to do but is something i want to come to soon , and i will . u areplacing the right people into my life at the right times and i believe u want to help me with this and you are . havent talked to ur mom in a while tried callin her this past week but no answer .... well i will b back writing more spillin my heart out , but its best to get it out than hold it in likei used to have to do ! I LOVE YOU ISAIAH AND U WILL REST W JUSTICE SOON I PROMISE!!! Close
another Valentines day w/o u here to hold my hand , another day w/o u here to dry my tears , another day with still no answers .. i stay strong and know the ppl we have working on ur case will pull through soon!! i cnat believe ppl are walkin around knowing they did this but hey sick world today sometimes i wonder why i brought a child into this world if this could happen to u it could happen to ANYONE!!!! but then i step back and look at my son and see his big blue eyes and the way he makes me smile  gives me the strength u give me daily to make this world a better place for him to grow up in and by catchin these ppl it will make things better for me ..... i miss you Isaiah and everyone can say they loved you still think bout u ...... well Isaiah words and actions are two different things but not everyone knows what to do  .... ur "friend" Jason really turned into a piece of work but hey thats their loss not mine i still haveu in my heart and always will FOREVER! and to this i am sending u a KISS AND MY LOVE  ON THIS V-DAY 2006 , I LOVE YOU ISAIAH I MISS YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN EVEN SAY .... Close
i miss him dearly  / Brooks Bryant (old friend )  Read >>
i miss him dearly  / Brooks Bryant (old friend )

this is a wonderful thing your doing with this website, for isahia i miss him
dearly, i have known him since we were  in the fourth grade so much alike yet so much differnet. i think of him all the time, he was a very unique person.................

prayers and thoughts are with you  / Amy (friend of a friend of Amy's )  Read >>
prayers and thoughts are with you  / Amy (friend of a friend of Amy's )
I dont know you personally, and I didnt know Isaiah, but I am friends with someone you are friends with online who told me about all this and I wanted to tell you that I feel for you and all of his family and friends...this is a horrible tragedy and I pray for you finding him justice and peace for yourselves.  death of a loved one is always very difficult, nevermind when so many questions are left unanswered and the person responsible is still out there.  i wish you the best of luck, and may your wounds heal and your memories always stay with you.   (((hugs)))) Close
Happy New Year  / Amy (His Voice in this all )  Read >>
Happy New Year  / Amy (His Voice in this all )
Well Isaiah 2006 is here , This is your year to shine :) and i am goin to try my hardest to make this happen. these past few months more and more ppl are reaching out to help me and ur mother in this and its great to have such support from others who have also lost someone in their life but enough of that !! I LOVE YOU and i hope u heard me talkin to u last night at midnight b/c i meant every word i said ! you are forever in my heart Isaiah. You are so special to me ! i Miss you more than i think anyone knows ! i try not to cry anymore b/c i know u wouldnt want that but seems like some days are jsut too hard to hold back the tears ! but i am gettin stronger and with justice i will b !! Close
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