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missing you but justice is coming for you  / Amy (cant put it in words )  Read >>
missing you but justice is coming for you  / Amy (cant put it in words )
not a day goes by i dont sit at the phone and computer waiting on answers to the ?'s i have had for almost 7 yrs now . each day i feel i come one step closer to bringing some peace over so many that miss u! i will never give up i will never stop not until i feel i have done all i can do and as of right now ... ur killers are walking free while i sit at home and cry tears over you so i HAVE'NT done all i can BUT DAMN IT i'm trying i PROMISE YOU !
this is the year for u Isaiah and you will never b forgotten even when the time comes that these bastards are charged u will never leave my heart u will forever live on and one day we will see each other again and i hope u are proud me and all that ur mother and my famiy is tryin to do ! i am sooo thankful that i have your mother in my life now shes wonderful !! when the day comes when justice is served and i can go to ur grave site with a smile on my face i want to hug ur mom and let her know  I LOVE HER for bringing such a wonderful person into my life , Isaiah u have made such a impact on my life and for the good  AND the bad i am thankful to have had u as my FIRST LOVE !! AND THAT U WILL ALWAYS BE !
WHAT BETTER WAY OF HONORING A PERSON THAN FINDING OUT THE ANSWERS TO MY ?'S OF WHY ?? there is none and thats why i fight so hard for u , Isaiah Close
Happy New Year  / Jennifer Hammock (Friend)  Read >>
Happy New Year  / Jennifer Hammock (Friend)
Isaiah this year is going to bring justice for you, family, and your friends.  I wish you could be here.  We all miss you and are always thinking about you. Close

   WATCH....TRUST...&... KNOW


i think ...  / Amy   Read >>
i think ...  / Amy
we are heading in a good direction :) u are guiding me daily towards the right answers i truely feel this hell will b over one day if not soon :) i love u isaiah. my mom called the cops today too and is also goin to look into a PI w ur mom i think so time will tell and ppl will see i was'nt nuts for years lol Close
last time i saw u  / Nickey Spry (Friend)  Read >>
last time i saw u  / Nickey Spry (Friend)
The last time saw you, you wanted me to go to 80's night at gyrations and I was so tierd from working all night long so I told you I couldn't go.  I remember us twirling the week before at gyrations (80's night) we ran into a girl and it was so funny we were so dizzy.  The last time I talk to you, you asked to use my gray hoody and I let you take it.  You were supposed to come back and spend the night I left the door unlocked for you.  I wished you would have and maybe you would still be here. Your last words to me were I love you I'll be back.  I am still waiting.
just thinking about u ...  / Amy (<3)  Read >>
just thinking about u ...  / Amy (<3)
hey just thought i would stop by and let u know that i love and miss you alot more on some days than others and those days its hard to go on during the day. but i try to stay strong and think positive and know that u are here watching me and wouldnt want me sad u would always make me smile and i know thats what u want from me now . i contacted the cops again b/c the unsolved crimes group leader wants to speak w them to get all the CORRECT info but they have yet to return their call, MY CALL and i beleive ur mothers calls so here we are agian waiting on JUSTICE FOR ISAIAH !  i contacted the harald dispatch and i am hoping to get another article published soon w the web site and pics and new contact numbers hopefully ! this may b a long process but b 4 i die u will have justice ! I PROMISE YOU THAT ! I LOVE YOU! Close
Happy turkey day  / Amy (he already knows )  Read >>
Happy turkey day  / Amy (he already knows )
well another turkey day w/o u here with us ! but thats ok b/c i know u were there watching over us ;) just wanted to stop by and say HI and i LOVE YOU !! i promise u will rest peacefully with closure soon :) i will make u and ur mother proud :) i PROMISE ! !! TILL I SEE YOU AGAIN ...... my lil butterfly .... Close
you have touched our hearts  / Maggie O'reilly (none-web person )  Read >>
you have touched our hearts  / Maggie O'reilly (none-web person )

although ive never known isaiah or his family, i just wanted to say im deeply touched and saddened by the loss of such a life.

im a mother to a 9 and a half year old boy and i could not imagine a thing worse in this world.

i hope with all my heart that you DO get justice. although im in western australia i have emailled the police departments and putting my voice forward also. anything that MAY help.

i wish you all the best of luck and please know that although im on the other side of the world, your son/soulmate touched my and my families heart and we are a little richer knowing a little about isaiah. THANK YOU for that privledge.

take care and stay positive!

maggie -xxx- Close
"MY child On the day God took you I thought that I would die I wondered where the time went? I asked alot of whys?? With people all around me I felt alone inside From all their words of comfort, I couldn't seem to hide, I thought I might be dreaming That I'd wake and find you here, I thought "This can't be happening." As I wiped another tear. On the day that you were laid to rest My heart broke yet again, I wondered if the pain would end, But mostly, I wondered when?? It's hard to be without you, At times the days seem long, Sometimes I just sit crying, When there's really nothing wrong. I wish we'd had more time, Before your life was done. I hope your resting peacefully, My precious child, Close
GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE  / Amy (soulmate)  Read >>
just wanted to say hi and I LOVE YOU!! i will see u soon in my dreams ! those can never be taken from me :) and the memories we shared will carry on ! your mom called me lat night but i was sleeping ashton has been gettin up sooo early ! can u help me out with that :) lol well i have started a new journal here at home i'm sure u've seen and been there while i write in it , it is my personal j about me and u and how i feel daily i cant hold it in forever maybe one day i could take it and get it published kinda like that movie " THE NOTEBOOK" ! u know as i watched that i thought of us ,...corney i know but our love was pure and genuine ! my heart loved u like it will never love again! isaiah i will forever have ur heart as u still hold the key to mine !
see you in my dreams ,
amy Close
I'll never forget you  / Cristy Ingraham {Hunter} (friend)  Read >>
I'll never forget you  / Cristy Ingraham {Hunter} (friend)
It's funny, I saw TJ W. not to long ago, and we talked about you for a while. Most the people I know now, never had the chance to meet you, so it was great talking to someone who knew how wonderful you were. TJ told me while we were talking, how you, him and Chris would have done anything for me. You guys where my boys. And you Obediah...I don't know what I would have done without being blessed as your friend. You and I were always there for one another. I dream about you sometimes, sometimes I can almost smell you. That distinct Patcholli, that you always wore. We have so many memories, that I will never forget. I tell my little boys all about you, we've been to your grave and my oldest son called you "Uncle Obie". I just about lost it when he did. They love you and they never got the meet you. I have a picture of you that I took one of the many, many times we hung out on the plaza, up in my living room next to my front door. Your the last thing I see everytime I leave. There has not been a day where I don't think about you. Words can not express how much I miss you or love you. I'll never forget our last conversation. I remember it vividly, down to the tones of your voice. I was in the Chesapeake apartment standing in the kitchen, next to the back door. The last thing we said to each other, which is what we always said to one another. "I love you. Your good people. I'll see you soon." A few days later I found out that one of the most amazing guys was ripped away by a monster. He'll get his my Obediah. More than anything any of us could ever do to him. God's punishment is greater than we could ever imagine.
 And you are, your good people. I love you.
having a hard day today  / Amy (soulmate)  Read >>
having a hard day today  / Amy (soulmate)
having a rough day today ! every year on halloween i think about u b/c we went trick or treating on year and soo much fun :) heheheh those are the times i wish i had again ! i will prob call ur mom today b/c i feel at a all time low today w/o u here ! i have days like these and i know u wouldnt want me to b upset but its so hard to smile when the pain is pouring through!!! all i can say is ISAIAH I LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE AS TIME GOES ON and i'm not sure if that is a healthy thing for me but its my life and healthy or not i have to live it for my son as much as i wish i could be with u all the time ! the way ashton looks at me with such love in his eyes reminds me of the same way u used to look at me and smile ,melts my heart ! well the tears are flowing and i'm sure i will b writing to u in my journal here at home today ! hope to see u in my dreams wish i could hold u in my arms once more ! just once at least to make the pain go away for a minute ! love you isaiah  happy halloween Close
My beautiful son  / Debra Hale (mother)  Read >>
My beautiful son  / Debra Hale (mother)

Words can,t describe the pain of losing you Isaiah. The other day while driving down the road I smelled your sweet aroma of Patchouli oil. I just pretended and wished you were sitting next to me like old times. I wish I had things to do over again so I could hold on to my children a lot tighter and maybe you would still be here. I hope whoever brutally murdered you slowly dies the most agonizing death and burns in hell. They had no right to take your life. I died with you Isaiah.

just thinking about u  / Amy (more than words can say )  Read >>
just thinking about u  / Amy (more than words can say )
i am just sittin here watchin ashton and thinking about you and how happy u made me 1 i am dealing with ur passing better and better daily i think b/c i feel like i had let u down for so long not being able to do n e thing , now i feel like i am on the right path and as long as u continue to hold my hand and guide me things will b ok for me and ur family ! i try not to cry anymore b/c i know u dont want me upset or sad even although its hard to fight those feelings back i am able to do it b/c my love for u is beyond words still , i cnat wait for the day we meet again but until then please know i LOVE YOU and u will b so proud of me i PROMISE !! and i will make ur mother and family happy too i wont let u down this time i WON'T Close
May God be with you and bring and end to who done this.  / Edonna (mother of his girl friend )  Read >>
May God be with you and bring and end to who done this.  / Edonna (mother of his girl friend )

I recall how soft spoke and kind you were...Such a pleasant smile... It would light up a room.
She misses you and she screaming out for justice for you.

God Bless
You were very special to many people.


i love you  / Amy Akers (girlfriend/soulmate)  Read >>
i love you  / Amy Akers (girlfriend/soulmate)
you know as the days pass the pain never gets easier ! i still cry the same way i did the first day i know you wouldnt want me upset all the time but its hard living my life w.o uwhen we had so many plans TOGETHER!! whoever did this to you will pay they will meet their maker one day ....i plan on goin up and meeting ur mother soon hopefully we can come up with some answers together idk?? i dont know what else to do i just know i cant hurt like this forever ... i smelled u the other day and ur mom said she smells u too so i know now that it is u here with me w/.o a doubt the dirty hippie smell ... i love u isaiah u will forever have my heart and noone else ...... Close
We Need Some Justice!  / Lauren Golden (Friend Of a Special Friend of His )  Read >>
We Need Some Justice!  / Lauren Golden (Friend Of a Special Friend of His )
Who ever took this Man's life needs  to come forward, it is such an unfornate thing to have happened to such a wonderful person, I didnt know Isaiah personally  but I have heard stories of the way he affected and touched others lives, no person deserves to have their life snatched from them like this, Amy  I pray u find justice for those that did this! I have faith that you guys will come to the end of this battle with a knowing of who did it and why! Keep the SEARCH going!!!!!!! Close
Wishing you....  / Diane Cassidy- Angel Mom-Katie   Read >>
Wishing you....  / Diane Cassidy- Angel Mom-Katie

Wishing you Peace to bring comfort

Courage to face the days ahead

And ~~~~~~~

Isaiah's Loving Memories to forever hold in your hearts!!

I'm so sorry!!  I pray you find the person who did this!!  How tragic!!
I'm an Angel Mom, my Beautiful Katie, due to her battle with illness
So sorry  / Roxane Brown (Friend of Amy )  Read >>
So sorry  / Roxane Brown (Friend of Amy )
Amy, I so hope that you find the person who did this. I hope they get punnished to the full extent of the law!  Love Rox Close
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